The Risks of Problem Gambling

For people who are unable to control their gambling, the risks and effects of this condition can be very severe.


Because someone with a gambling problem will continue regardless of whether or not they can actually afford it, serious debt is the most obvious risk associated with this condition. It’s fairly common for problem gamblers to rack up amounts of debt in the mid five figures. Not only can that be done in a fairly short amount of time, but it’s not unheard of for people struggling with this condition to reach six figures worth of debt.

What really makes this condition problematic is in addition to gambling far more than they can afford, people who find themselves stuck in this cycle often lose their jobs. The strain of this condition can also break up a marriage. If either happens, they may also withdraw from friends and other loved ones. When someone with a gambling problem isolates themselves, it significantly increases their risk of suicide.

Since this condition can normally be traced to one or more chemical imbalances, it’s common for problem gambling to be present with another addiction. Whether that addiction is alcohol or a specific drug, it will only increase the severity of risks that go along with the afflicted individual’s current lifestyle.

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