The Effects of Problem Gambling

One common misconception is that gambling only becomes a problem when someone does it on a daily basis. Although that’s generally the point most people who don’t receive any help reach, gambling can become a problem long before it’s done on a daily basis. Even without doing it on a daily basis, it’s possible for someone to spend so much time gambling that they lose their job.

This cycle can also lead to people showing up late for events or completely missing them. Whether it’s a family dinner or a social function, this type of behavior can be very hard on everyone who cares about a problem gambler. The same type of behavior can put a significant strain on any marriage or friendship.

As this problem gets worse, it’s common for individuals to become more desperate for money. In some cases, their desperation can mean sudden withdrawals from savings or other accounts that shouldn’t be touched. In others, it can even mean that someone resorts to stealing. What can make the situation even worse is it’s common for gamblers in this position to steal from their loved ones.

Physical effects are another category that many people don’t even realize. Studies have found that when a problematic gambler isn’t able to get their fix, it can cause chills, breathing difficulty, heart racing, insomnia, muscle aches, physical weakness or upset stomach. In fact, the physical effects a problematic gambler experiences can be worse than that of a substance abuser.

Because this condition has serious risks and effects, if you or a loved one are struggling with problem gambling, the best thing you can do is seek out a support group!

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